European Style Crunchy
Gherkins or Cornichons
Kosher Baby Dill Pickles

One of the crunchiest pickles you will find.

Made to our recipe to taste great in your kitchen.

Fresh, crispy, crunchy, and just the perfect size for snacking or with a meal.

No artificial flavors
and no colors.

700ml Glass Jar - 12 Jars/Case
Glass UPC 0-88919-81173-3
Case  UPC 0-88919-80258-8

L 10cs x H 10= 100/Pallet
15"x11.5"x5.5"=Cube Ft:0.55


Div. Inorex Inc
23636 104th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98031

Baby Dill Pickles, Water, Acetic Acid (Vinegar),
Salt, Sugar, Dill Umbel, Garlic Cloves, Whole
Black Pepper, Calcium Chloride (Pickling Salt).
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