Dried Salami:
Garlic, Paprika, Wine
Summer Sausage:
Original and Hot & Spicy

Dried, Aged Salami & Summer Sausage.


No Refrigeration

8oz Each

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Single UPC
0-88919-80520-6 Garlic Salami
0-88919-80521-3 Paprika Salami
0-88919-80522-0 Wine Salami
0-88919-80523-7 Original Summer Sausage
0-88919-80524-4 Hot & Spice Summer Sausage

10 pack Display Case UPC
0-88919-8xxxxxx Garlic Salami
0-88919-8xxxxxx Paprika Salami
0-88919-8xxxxxx Wine Salami
0-88919-8xxxxxx Original Summer Sausage
0-88919-8xxxxxx Hot & Spice Summer Sausage
0-88919-8xxxx-x Varienty

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Kent, WA 98031
253-854-0628 sales@qbx.net

Ingredients: Vary, See Additional Information

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